Wisdom to Joy - How These Writings Came To Be

Wisdom to Joy - how these writings came to be

How These Writings Came to Be

In July, 2018, I felt compelled from inside to write Towards Justice. Then someone asked me to record it, so I made a closed caption video (reading the slides). Then someone else suggested I split it up into sections of around 6 minutes so it's easier to listen to. There are occasionally some big ideas that require pauses.

Then I realized I ought to write about love because people are so confused about it. I found some graphics that help to break up lengthy sections of text and also help to get the point across.

Shortly thereafter, inspired by the enormous troubles in the world and my perspective on the root causes, I wrote Domination, God and Saviour-hood. I wanted to give people positive solutions, not just point out problems. The graphics were indispensible, so artwork has been included ever since.

Someone who had asked me for help with forgiving had the incorrect notion that when we forgive someone, the universe (or "God," whatever one calls it) forgives the person as if it didn't happen. So I wrote about forgiveness to help people who have misunderstandings about that. It's also crucial for people to realize that we are responsible for our actions and they do come back to us, eventually, and this is a very good thing. Then I thought I'd better write about the word "God" because there are so many different ideas about it and I'd better explain how I use the word, and get some wonderful ideas across too. These writings have turned out to be a bit like a dissertation after many, many lifetimes on Earth.

People born after around 1977 have grown up in a world without general morality, and don't know what a moral society even looks like. They're very confused. When they have to run the world they will be searching desperately for guidance, and I hope these writings will be helpful.

My friend's eight-year-old grandaughter was raised without discipline or a moral education, and she has taken to these writings, standing up and miming as if she's speaking them. She asked for them to be taught in her class at school. So they've already helped a few people immeasurably. Some lifelong students of Rudolph Steiner thought well enough of Towards Justice to re-post it, so some people of widely differing perspectives have found value in these writings.

It is a huge challenge to write about spiritual topics for people of any religion or none. People of different faiths have read these papers. I do not profit financially from these writings and do not try to promote myself or sell any services. I wish people to think for themselves. I do not expect everyone to like or agree with everything presented here, and I'm not offended if someone thinks these writings are useless or wrong.

… Perhaps the real goal is to help free humanity from domination. That's actually why I'm here. I also wish to convey how to be joyful, which all creatures want. I was full of sorrow, and I figured out how to be joyful, and I want to leave directions for anyone interested!

Wisdom leading to joy, Cognitive perception of spirituality and the spiritual path, Principles for healthy human societies, Focusing on goodness
The content of these presentations has been garnered through observation, contemplation, hopefully insight, and, most importantly, experience. Ideas and assertions are simply presented for consideration. The effort is not to prove or convince, but rather to present ideas for one’s own thought, research, innate common sense, and experience.
References are included only if information is specific and may not be generally known. No offense whatsoever is taken at any disagreement or counter-assertion. Many disagreements are due to semantics. Take whatever is useful and ignore the rest. If something fits and is useful, wonderful!

Deep gratitude is expressed to developers and everyone who has assisted in making open-source software available to all. These presentations have been made possible by LibreOffice (Open Office), Audacity, SimpleScreenRecorder, RecordMyDesktop, Glimpse, Gimp, Inkscape, ImageMagick, Pitivi, ffmpeg, OpenClipart, PublicDomainVectors, and Linux. Appreciation is also expressed to FreeThesaurus.com. In addition, gratitude is expressed to all the wonderful artists who have made their work available, for pictures speak to the soul. Gratitude is also expressed to people who have contributed comments that have helped to improve these presentations, and for the expert advice of Sweetwater, which made possible the quality of these recordings and the continued sanity of the editor.

This website does not collect personal information or store "cookies," and does not maintain a mailing list. To see new postings, simply visit the website periodically, and pass on links to others if something here may be helpful to them or to the world.

The brilliant spectrum in the banner is the closest representation of the absolute joy of a realm of which I have memory since childhood. No one owns the spectrum. It is used here because of its joy.
In case it seems that it took a lot of work to create these multi-media presentations, it was negligible compared to acquiring the inner-standing required to write the content.
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