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Wisdom Leading to Joy, Inner-standing spirituality, Principles for Life

Truth, love, justice, spirituality, God, healing, forgiveness, peace, wisdom, dharma, emotions, money, karma, evil, intelligence, equality, inequality, "free will", sacrifice, masters, organizations, language, mind control, subconscious, trust, domination, pride, focus for goodness.
Truth First; About Love; Towards Justice; Emotional Clarity; Heal Thyself; Forgiveness and "Karma"; Prescription for Peace; Bad and Evil; Power, Pride and Spirituality; Dharma Upholds; Money; Real Intelligence; "God"; On Enemies and the Spiritual Compass; Equality, Uniqueness and "Free Will"; To Give or Not To Give; Joy; Domination, "God" and Savior-hood; On Mastery; Healing and Trust; Evaluate vs. Put Down; Language, Form and the Subconscious.

Sincere ignorance is dangerous.
There is none so blind as one who is unwilling to see.
In any compromise between good and evil, only evil can profit.
People judge others according to themselves.
When good people fail to act, evil triumphs.
Guilty people see guilt written on the faces of saints, while the innocent see innocence in the hearts of all.
People without courage live on their knees.
Keeping the eyes, ears, and mind open and mouth shut is fertile ground for knowledge and wisdom.
Moderation in the pursuit of justice is not virtuous.
One who talks too much usually thinks too little.
The only solution to violent crime in society is fear—criminals' fear of the intended victims.
Public opinion includes collective individual ignorance.
Gross negligence is equivalent to intentional wrong.
and "Free Will"
The Singers and
the Warlordsmusical notes and warlord
The Good
Doctordoctor's bag and treasure chest
Peace without truth is poison.
Releasing resentment is always wise. Forgetting what happened is always foolish.
To Give or
Not To Give?heart
Domination, "God"
and Savior-hoodheavy boot and lifebuoy
Choose your desires. Then choose your battles.
Joy is not in things, it is in us.
On Masteryladder and cloud
and Trustwater lily
Evaluate vs.
Put Downnotebook evaluating and thumb
If you must battle, first know both yourself and your enemy.
The wise do not mourn.
Language, Form and
the Subconscioustree with words
On Mating2 flamingos
Friendship and enmity can exist only between equals.
The wise do not mourn.
निर्देशन शांति
के लिएdove of peace
Friendship and enmity can exist only between equals.
Love is the awareness of unity.
What do we live for if not to make life less difficult for others?
The Donut
Machine Storyrocket and donut
the Heavinesscrane lifting heavy weight
Two Boats and
a Helicopterpraying
Humans Prefer
Cooperationhelmets on ground in forest
The Money
Manboat and money
Wisdom leading to joy, Cognitive perception of spirituality and the spiritual path, Principles for healthy human societies, Focusing on goodness
The content of these presentations has been garnered through observation, contemplation, hopefully insight, and, most importantly, experience. Ideas and assertions are simply presented for consideration. The effort is not to prove or convince, but rather to present ideas for one’s own thought, research, innate common sense, and experience.
References are included only if information is specific and may not be generally known. No offense whatsoever is taken at any disagreement or counter-assertion. Many disagreements are due to semantics. Take whatever is useful and ignore the rest. If something fits and is useful, wonderful!

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In case it seems that it took a lot of work to create these multi-media presentations, it was negligible compared to acquiring the inner-standing required to write the content.
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