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Real Intelligence
Intellect is one of humanity’s most valuable qualities, allowing us to distinguish, evaluate and form opinions. It operates within structured systems. Its conclusions depend on the accuracy of information used, and on the validity of assumptions. We only need to form opinions when we need to make a decision based on it; otherwise we can keep information on the shelf. New information requires re-evaluating opinions. Real intelligence is a combination of intellectual skills, which can be measured, and qualities like wisdom, good judgment and insight which cannot be measured. Real intelligence includes taking into account the long-term results of action. It thus results in attempting to do good.
Current revision: paper October 9th, 2020 (first version 2019 December); recording October 2020. New versions clarify or expand points in the original thesis; the points are unchanged.
Real Intelligence - Part 1 Intellect - Watch and listen
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Real Intelligence Part 2 Opinions - Watch and listen
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Real Intelligence - Part 3 Intellectual Skills - Watch and listen
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Real Intelligence - Part 4 Intelligence - Watch and listen
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Real Intelligence - Full - Watch and listen
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