Wisdom to Joy

Focus Group Intention for Goodness in the World - Wisdom Leading to Joy

Focus for Goodness
Collective thought is one of the most powerful ways that human beings can effect change. Everything is connected, and everything is affected by our thought. When we resonate and focus together with good intent, Goodness expands in the world. Our effectiveness is magnified when we are in resonance with others and with the idea we wish to create.
Everyone is invited to play these videos or audios at any time, for a group or by oneself. Whenever there is a disaster anywhere in the world, everyone is encouraged to utilize the Focus for Disaster Relief. The Focus for Clarity is to eliminate mind control, and there is a Focus for a Clean Environment. The Focus for Goodness videos are the same, with different locations. All are under 14 minutes each, including 10 minutes of silent focus. Focus for Health includes 5 minutes of silent focus.

Focus for Clarity
Focus for Clarity

Clean Environment
Focus for Clean Environment
Focus for Clean Environment

Disaster Relief
Focus for Disaster Relief
Focus for Disaster Relief
If this Focus is done by a group or for another person, imagine being inside a reflective sphere of pure, divine energy. This focus is not a substitute for common sense or needed medical treatment. Heal Thyself may be helpful.
Focus for Health
Focus for Clarity
A Note on wording
This script has been conceptualized and worded carefully to be effective while protecting the group participants. Starting out with protection of oneself and the group is crucial to prevent negative energy attacks. It is also important for the leader and the words to avoid any feeling of battle, attack, or even conflict, aggression, or self-righteousness, in order to prevent negative energy recoil. We instead focus on our Divine Source.
It is important to suspend our opinions about who in particular is in the wrong within the focus area. We do not attack or condemn any person or group; instead, we allow all bad energy in the area (which could exist in both good people and bad people) to dissolve into Divinity. The bad energy is not just put somewhere else—it is actually transmuted into pure energy so that the bad or evil no longer exists.
At the same time, we do not encourage sentimentality without the groundedness of truth and wisdom. Some people have a mistaken idea that love and spirituality mean allowing evil to flourish. Wording that might encourage this misconception has been avoided. By using our will to call in our Divine Source, we are taking action and taking a stand.
Extensive pictorial descriptions are avoided since some people find it difficult to visualize. People can imagine in their own ways.
Since the subconscious mind does not comprehend “no” or “not,” and latches on to the raw meanings of words to manifest reality, and since in a relaxed state our subconscious is more prominent than usual, positives and words that we do want to manifest are used as much as possible. Negatives and words that we do not want to manifest are minimized. It is important that the speaking voice not be hypnotic in any way.
These sessions are focused, relaxed, creative thought. In true meditation, there is no thought, imagining, or visualization, only awareness. “Guided meditations” are actually creative imagination, one of the most powerful abilities of human beings. Collective thought aimed at creating Good on Earth is a very powerful tool for effecting change.
Artist acknowledgements: ActiveLines@dreamstime.com (scenery); JohanLarson (waterfall), Titonz (sunrise), Rudall30 (octopus), Solgas (teaching), Paolo77 (chemtrails), and MaximPopov (money) @123rf.com; Smileus (sun in forest) @ depositphotos.com; numerous artists at openclipart.com and publicdomainvectors.com; Julie (flute); Daniel Simon (Chinese gong) @soundtable.com; Domahida Music (La Vida), Jake Schneider (Latin Sunshine), Daniel LeBland (Jarabe Tapiato, Polka Dots), Vadislav Production (Spanish guitars + violin), Sound Bounce (Chinese music, Love Beside the Rivers) @ 123rf.com.

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