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The Donut Machine Story

Just outside New York City is a huge Rocket to the Moon. It has a big flashing sign at the entrance that says, “Rocket to the Moon.” It looks just like a rocket to the Moon. Inside are many armed guards, scientists with security clearances, and equipment with flashing lights of many colors. It has a budget for a rocket to the Moon which is approved by Congress every year. News reporters write stories about the Rocket to the Moon nearly every week. It has had several scheduled launch dates which have always been postponed so far. It has a Rocket to the Moon Souvenir Shop for tourists.

Do you know what it does every day?

Rocket to the Moon

It makes donuts, which the people of New York eat for breakfast.donut

What is it?

It is a donut machine.

It thinks it is a rocket to the Moon. It looks like a rocket to the Moon. It wants to be a rocket to the Moon. People say it is a rocket to the Moon. But actually, it is a donut machine.

To find out what someone actually is or wants, look at what one actually does. People always do what they really want to do. If they want something but do something else, it's because they wanted the something-else more. What they think they are, what they say they are, and what they want to be are irrelevant.

Look at the donut:  what they actually do.

From the original oral story by Reuven Bar-Levav, MD.
Wisdom leading to joy, Cognitive perception of spirituality and the spiritual path, Principles for healthy human societies, Focusing on goodness
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Artist acknowledgements: Firkin (rocket), PinkJellyfish (donut), unknown artist (truck) @ openclipart.org.

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