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Two Boats and a Helicopter

There was once a man who loved Jesus with his whole heart. He believed Jesus loved him too and would save him from any calamity. One day there was a flood. The man prayed to Jesus. As the waters rose, a rowboat came to take him to safety. He told the rescuer, “No, thanks, I believe in Jesus. Jesus will save me.”

The torrential rains continued, and finally a motorboat arrived. The rescuer told him to get into the boat and he would take him to a safe shelter. The man replied again, “No, thank you. I believe in Jesus. He will save me.” The boatman pleaded with him, but the man insisted that he didn’t need help because Jesus would save him. Finally the boatman had to leave to rescue other people.

The water continued to rise, and the man had to climb onto the roof of his house. He continued to pray to Jesus with full love and faith. Finally, a helicopter came and let down a rope ladder. The rescue team shouted to him to climb the ladder to safety. But the man replied again, “No, thank you. I believe in Jesus. I am sure Jesus will save me,” and he continued praying.

Finally the helicopter had to fly away. The waters continued to rise and the man was swept away and he drowned.

When he arrived in heaven, the man said, “God, what happened? I love you and your son Jesus with my whole heart. I prayed to Jesus to save me.”

God replied, “I don’t know what happened either. I sent you two boats and a helicopter.”

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Artist acknowledgements: Johnny Automatic/GDJ (kneeling man), Tzunghaor (helicopter), OKSmith (rowboat), Mystica (motorboat), Dear Theophilus (gates), Pixabay (angels), Anonymous (house), unknown artists (rope, flood) @ openclipart.org.

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