Wisdom to Joy - Language, Form, and the Subconscious
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Language, Form, and
the Subconscious

Language, Form and the Subconscious - Wisdom Leading to Joy

The vast majority of what goes on in our minds is subconscious. The vast majority of our power and abilities is subconscious. Our subconscious receives information constantly, and when it is influenced without our awareness, we are also influenced and can be manipulated easily. Form is powerful. Sound is powerful. Words are powerful. Sound and language have the ability to influence physical reality. When meanings of words are distorted or subverted, the subconscious hears the original, undistorted meaning, and equates the new concepts with the original word. Culture and civilization can be destroyed by perverting language because the human mind follows language and the subconscious, and behavior follows both. Many common words have been twisted in modern times, and the resulting decline in culture and civilization is evident. It is vital for humanity to become aware of the subconscious and how it is influenced by form, sound, and especially by language, in order to avoid being manipulated into oblivion.
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Current revision: February 22th, 2022 (original: February 11th, 2022). New versions clarify or expand points in the original thesis; the points are unchanged.

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Wisdom leading to joy, Cognitive perception of spirituality and the spiritual path, Principles for healthy human societies, Focusing on goodness
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